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PPD has been an automotive industry leader working with laminated glass encapsulation. PPD specializes in thermoplastic elastomer encapsulation (5+ years) and polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane reaction injection molding (almost 25 years). With over 10,000 PVC encapsulated modules, over 100,000 TPE encapsulated modules, over 500,000 PU RIM parts, and over 10,000,000 encapsulated glass modules produced total, we have the experience and capability to meet your needs. We have engineered and encapsulated laminated glass for windshields, roof panels, quarterlites, backlites and truck sliders, and are currently working with a number of glaziers and OE manufacturers in both ICE (internal combustion engine) and electric platforms on those types of projects.


Ford F-150 Corning Gorilla Glass Hybrid Windshield assembled for Hyperformance Glass Products LLC

Our comprehensive experience with these manufacturing processes has allowed for exciting technological advancement in engineered products such as:

  • HUD Advancements Within Glass
  • Touch Screen Glass (Interactive Displays)
  • Exclusive Branding Within Glass
  • Glass Edge Lighting
  • Smart Glass Tinting (SPD film, PDLC, LCD)
  • Panoramic Laminate Roof Glass
  • Laminated Modular Roof Panels
  • Multi-Paneled Laminate Glass
  • Corning Gorilla Glass Hybrids
  • Textured Glass Encapsulation
  • Digital Gauges in Glass

Laminated Glass holds the future of glass technology. PPD has been working with numerous companies that are leading technological advancements with this glass, such as Beneq (Lumineq), Corning Gorilla Glass, and Bollinger Motors to craft solutions to their forward thinking demands.

PPD is a global leader in

advancing new technologies for laminated glass applications.

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