Gorilla® Glass

PPD Incorporates Gorilla Glass Into Automotive Applications 



Chemically Hardened Glass For The Automotive Industry

PPD is pleased to announce that it has been working on a new type of glass technology. This type of glass is not new to the transportation industry, but it is new to the automotive industry.  PPD has developed an encapsulation process for utilizing Corning® Gorilla® Glass in several automotive applications, with several OEMs.  Gorilla Glass (or chemically hardened glass) has been around for 25+ years. Only recently has the need been more apparent for automotive markets to harvest the weight savings, as well as the durability of the new glass composition.



Gaining In Popularity

Chemically tempered glass has been used in the military and mass transit markets and is gaining popularity. Breakage and scratch resistance have been the key drivers for durability and program replacement costs.

Increasing The Strength of Gorilla Glass

PPD has developed a technology to encapsulate Gorilla Glass and actually increase the strength of the glass. Through the encapsulation process, we actually seal the edges of the glass, which are the weakest part of any piece of glass.

PPD can encapsulate even the most complex of glass shapes, and with our hybrid tooling, we are the most cost competitive – bar none.

Multi Panel Technology – MPT

PPD has been carefully developing a new series of products, which we call our MPT (Multi Panel Technology). This family of products is not only some of the most progressive encapsulated products on the market, they also are an excellent application of Gorilla Glass laminate as well. Gorilla Glass adds the design flexibility that so many of the Designers are looking for in today’s vehicle architecture. PPD can choose specific types of glass that will help you attain your weight reduction, design, and cost goals. These goals can typically be achieved with conventional soda lime glass or chemically tempered laminated glass. In many cases, we can choose the qualities with a hybrid mix of several types of glass and laminates to meet your needs.

Below are some renderings of products we are currently developing that exemplify our MPT in current model vehicle applications. This is just a taste of what is possible with this new glazing technology.


Leading Source For Gorilla Glass Automotive Applications

PPD is one of the leading development sources for integrating Gorilla Glass into automotive applications. PPD has multiple designs such as single, double, or three sided fully or partially encapsulated designs. We also have the adhesive systems that complement the many different types of encapsulation material that will meet your strict design guidelines. Feel free to contact PPD directly from our contact page, or pick up the phone to discuss your thoughts.

Contact PPD to discuss the benefits of Gorilla Glass and whether your product demands this level of toughness.

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    Gorilla Glass is chemically strengthened through an ion-exchange process that creates a deep compression layer on the surface of the glass substrate. This layer acts as “armor” to reduce the introduction of flaws.
    Depending on application and manufacturer specifications, Gorilla Glass can be produced in thicknesses ranging from 0.4 mm to 2 mm. Even at 0.4 mm, Gorilla Glass retains a performance advantage over many other cover materials.
    Corning’s proprietary fusion process gives Gorilla Glass the same superior surface as all of our high technology display substrates. This extraordinarily precise, highly automated process produces glass with exceptionally clean, smooth, flat surfaces and outstanding optical clarity.
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