PPD - Company Background and Philosophy

The following is a list of what PPD defines as core values. These values define us, and assure we maintain our focus not only day to day, but year to year. PPD does not waiver or change its values due to current market or business conditions, but over time refines and hones them to provide better alignment with current and new customer needs.

Polymer Process Development LLC., or PPD as it is commonly referred was founded in 1996 by a group of progressive like minded Entrepreneurs.  Our continued growth is a direct result of our unique ability to consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We achieve our customer’s satisfaction by embracing our company’s core values.  Our corporate vision is to develop and service multiple markets by providing timely, cost effective prototypes or limited production runs.

PPD is committed to utilizing elements of traditional manufacturing technologies, but is much more focused on embracing more progressive manufacturing technologies with sensitivity always emphasized on costing and timing models.  Some of our technologies include: Injection Molding, RIM (reaction injection molding), and low pressure molding PPD also has in house 3D printing (additive manufacturing) to quickly provide working models very accurately and most times, the same day.  To complement our injection molding technologies, we have a complete CAD/CAM system with multiple seats with the ability to analyze almost any type of data file.  To keep PPD agile, we engineer and source all our tooling locally with a focus on timing and quality.  PPD’s unique ability to analyze and utilize the appropriate technologies to meet the customer’s needs is exactly what keeps us competitive.

PPD is located in Michigan not by chance, but by choice.  Michigan has a very heavy concentration of agile manufacturing suppliers as well as an engineering community that is second to none.  We believe this is a core strength in our business model, as well as proximity to some of our largest customers.  PPD has been engineering and manufacturing  for not only the North American automotive glass and service parts markets, but globally as well.  PPD understands the value of a well defined quality system, and we are always looking for the next level of improvement.

PPD’s quality systems and professional organizations are noted below:

  • QS-9000:1998 Compliant (Based on and including ISO 9002:1994)
  • IATF 16949:2016 Certified
  • Active member in SEMA (Society of Automotive Manufacturing Association)
  • Member of the United States Chamber of Commerce

Our continued growth is a direct result of our unique ability to consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

PPD has been developing programs and encapsulating glass for over 20 years with a core group of dedicated seasoned professionals. Our engineering and manufacturing teams experience spans more than 70 years combined. We have completed engineering evaluations and reverse engineered over 1,500 unique products for many different industries. With this wide range of products and experience, we truly believe we have solutions to all of our customer’s needs.