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How long does it take to develop a prototype part?

Our typical program takes about a month depending on part complexity and a few other critical items.

How do I get my development program started?

The first step is contacting us, and then co- developing a plan that meets your needs.

What if I only have hand sketches with no working models or CAD?

PPD can still develop your ideas with very limited information. We will need to spend a little more time with you to make sure your vision is clear for us to help you develop. We can even help you develop napkin sketches!

Can I just have PPD design or print me a 3D model?

Of course, that is one of our many services we offer. Many of our customers elect to have PPD develop their entire project because of the deep resources we utilize.

Do you only work with United States based companies being that you are located in the US?

No, our current customer base ranges from Europe and all the Americas.

What types of payment can PPD accept?

We trade in US dollars, and can accept wire transfers, checks and of course credit cards.

How will I know my project is on time?

The program manager will keep you updated at minimum on a weekly basis and keep you abreast of appropriate milestones as they pertain to your program.

Can I come visit PPD when my tools are being run, or my parts assembled?

Absolutely, we hope that our customers would like to be engaged. This also is beneficial in making sure we are clearly meeting your expectations.

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PPD has been developing programs and encapsulating glass for over 20 years with a core group of dedicated seasoned professionals. Our engineering and manufacturing teams experience spans more than 70 years combined. We have completed engineering evaluations and reverse engineered over 1,500 unique products for many different industries. With this wide range of products and experience, we truly believe we have solutions to all of our customer’s needs.