PPD’s 3D Printing Capabilities Serve Many Diverse Industries

PPD - 3D Printing
3D printing has evolved greatly over the last several years. Older technology produced parts that were nice to look at, as long as you didn’t want to use them for anything. Today’s technology can produce functional parts out of a wide range of materials in as little as a few hours.

PPD’s 3D printing capabilities serve many diverse industries. Automotive is our largest market, as well as the specialty vehicle market. We can also service the consumer products markets, such as appliances and white goods. The printing can frequently be utilized for demonstration models or limited exposure prototypes. Many prototypes can be made the same day and delivered the following day.

Although 3D printing has advanced significantly, there still does not exist a “perfect system” to satisfy every need. That is why PPD has adopted several different 3D printing technologies, the sum of which allows us to offer our customers an appropriate solution for a wide variety of needs.

We currently offer SLS and FDM technologies.

While each machine has its physical build limits, we can also stich parts together to allow for a virtually limitless build envelope.

  • Any color
  • Highly durable
  • Nearly limitless feature design
  • Large Build Envelope: 11.2” x 6.1” X 6.0”
  • High grade rapid prototyping resin providing the structural representation of ABS plastic.
  • Single color
  • High resolution finish
  • ABS-like material
  • Build Envelope XYZ: 10.5” X 7.0” X 7.6” (226 X 177.8 X 193)

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PPD has been developing programs and encapsulating glass for over 20 years with a core group of dedicated seasoned professionals. Our engineering and manufacturing teams experience spans more than 70 years combined. We have completed engineering evaluations and reverse engineered over 1,500 unique products for many different industries. With this wide range of products and experience, we truly believe we have solutions to all of our customer’s needs.