Crowdfunding & Crowdsourced Projects

In keeping with PPD’s core values of embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, we are a proud supporter of crowdfunded / crowdsourced business model. Crowdfunding sites such as KickstarterIndiegogo, and Fundable are all excellent avenues to finance and launch new and innovative products. Products may be as obscure as Bluetooth urban micro-farming devices or as simple as a cell phone case.

How does PPD fit into the crowdfunding world?

PPD is well positioned to support crowdfunding projects through the design phase, tooling, and first run manufacturing processes. These are all necessary steps to achieve a successful product launch. PPD understands that once a project on KickstarterIndiegogoFundable or any other crowdfunding website is successfully funded, the clock starts ticking and time compression is paramount. All design/development/tooling/testing, and manufacturing is performed in-house in the United States. We have consciously chose this path to minimize cost, timing as well as maintaining communication integrity. This very strategy with proven suppliers is proven with every program we have launched, and we believe it is a big part of our success. Once a program has been awarded to PPD, you are placed in direct contact with a dedicated experienced program manager. Each program manager is seasoned with 15 years minimum of program experience in the respective product field to assure every step of your program is on time and on budget.

We can generate a quote for you by reviewing simple sketches, working/nonworking samples or by CAD models. This service is of course provided at no cost – just our time. It only takes a minute or two to contact us either directly by phone or by email, so what is holding you back?