PPD Develops New Lightweight Automotive Products Using Gorilla Glass

PPD has been methodically developing a new series of automotive glass products, which we call our MPT (Multi Panel Technology). This family of aftermarket automotive glass products are not only some of the most progressive encapsulated glass products on the market, they also are an excellent application of Corning ® Gorilla® Glass laminate as well.

Gorilla Glass adds the design flexibility that so many designers are looking for in today’s vehicle architecture. PPD can choose specific types of glass that will help you attain your weight reduction, design, and cost goals.

PPD is the leading development source for integrating Gorilla Glass into automotive applicationsPPD has multiple designs available – such as single, double, three sided, fully or partially encapsulated glass designs. We also have the adhesive systems that complement many different types of glass encapsulation material, which will meet your strict design guidelines.

Automakers around the world are working to reduce the weight of their vehicles to meet strict mobile emissions regulations. Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive enables a weight reduction in glazing of more than fifty percent versus conventional soda lime glass. Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive can be used in all openings of a vehicle including windshields, sidelites, sunroofs and backlites. It can also be used in automotive interior touch panels.

PPD is working on several projects that will soon become an integral part of the vehicle architecture. Below are some renderings of products we are currently developing that exemplify our MPT in current model vehicle applications. This is just a taste of what is possible with this new glazing technology.