PPD Can Manage Nearly Any Prototype Program 



Our goal is to provide solutions to your problems. Whether you’ve been handed an additional program requirement at the last minute, or you just need your parts extremely fast, we can offer a prototyping solution to make you successful. Combining in-house prototyping capabilities with those of our comprehensive partner base allows us to manage nearly any prototype program. Quantity is also not an issue. Of course we’d be happy to run 10,000 pieces for you, but we’d also be happy to produce just a single piece. Our philosophy is to view ourselves as an extension of your engineering, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities.

Prototyping functions that we commonly support:

  • Complete Program Development
  • One-off Prototype Glass Encapsulation
  • Cold Pour Urethane Casting
  • 3D Printing
  • Limited run prototype tooling
  • Production bridge tooling
  • Assembled Glass (with any amount or type of attached componentry)


Crowdfunded or Crowdsourced Projects

PPD not only services the industrial community, it also is a valuable resource for the crowdfunding community. We embrace this type of entrepreneurial spirit, and we believe it will only grow as a function of time. Many team members at PPD support a multitude of crowdfunded projects, in addition to providing engineering and launch services for the communities.

PPD has a dedicated team to help support the projects that are successfully funded from a novice level to the more complex programs. Crowdfunding by its very nature will have broad spread of products as well as team experience. PPD can interact with all levels to bring products to market quickly and effectively.

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Our goal is

to provide solutions to your problems